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Customereyes plans, designs, and conducts customer research tailored to client requirements using Internet, mail, telephone, or personal surveys, as well as focus groups for data collection. These studies become an integral part of our client's customer relationship and loyalty management programs and help them fulfill quality management standards and guidelines like ISO 9001:2000 and/or TICSS (The International Customer Service Standards).




         We have a state-of-the-art Mystery Shopping solution to manage all our data capturing and analysis

          Our Online System puts the “power” back into hands of our clients – they are able to view their reports online 24/7 and also generate dedicated reports based on their needs

          Our clients data is well protected by our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure

                -              RAID 5 with instant recovery and dual power supplies in each   server

                -              4 way physical protection

                -              Tier 1 internet connectivity

                -              Unix Server Security (better virus protection than Microsoft servers)

                -              Separate database and web servers

                -              Individual User Logins

                -              SSL encryption

                -              24/7 monitoring




With VocaZilla, we can record all conversations between our shoppers and your employees....ONLINE....and our clients can listen and/or download the audio clip ONLINE


With Interactive Voice Recording (IVR), customers will be encouraged to call a pre-determined number usually toll free, and they will then provide feedback to a few questionsw. Our Customereyes system will do the rest.


With Interactive Computer Response (ICR), shops visits are electronic comment cards. Your clients are given a link where their customers can log in and provide their feedback. This can be done by emailing this link to targetted customers or link placed in clients' website to conduct a Web-Polling.



·         As one of Malaysia’s leading mystery shopping companies, Customereyes , we pride ourselves on continually leading and changing the landscape of our industry. We understand operations, technology, and research, and we know what it takes to manage a phenomenally successful program:

·         Vast geographical coverage. We have shoppers in the locations you want shopped, even small towns.

·         Top quality with 100% completion rate. Many companies claim a completion rate of 100%, but at Customereyes, we never break our promises. Our promised completion rate is 100% — no exceptions, no excuses. On top of that, the quality and accuracy of our mystery shop results are the best in the industry.  

·         Superior survey format. The structure of Customereyes mystery shops is based on our proprietary survey format, a dramatic departure from traditional methods of collecting mystery shopper research data. Instead of asking a series of generic and potentially subjective questions, a BestMark behaviors-based shop enables our clients to pinpoint the very attributes and behaviors proven to drive customer delight, effective selling techniques and other critical performance attributes.

·         Extensive mystery shopper training. Before our mystery shoppers visit your locations or call your employees posing as customers, they will be trained, tested and certified on your specific program. Our shoppers will know exactly what to look and listen for, and we will ensure that all of your employees/locations are evaluated objectively, consistently, and accurately.

·         Direct one-on-one management of shoppers. Many companies subcontract the shop scheduling process and even the quality editing process out to businesses that offer mystery shop support services. Customereyes never uses sub-contractors. Our dedicated staff of in-house schedulers and editors speak one-on-one with our shoppers every day; this ensures that the shoppers fully understand specific requirements and receive continual coaching and recognition to better produce actionable feedback for you.

·         Highly engaged, top-performing mystery shoppers. We understand that our mystery shoppers are also our clients and our most important commodity. Our mystery shoppers feel like they are a part of our company. Through consistent direct contact, we instill in them a high level of personal accountability and pride that their feedback is important.


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